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A warm summer evening, a terrace on the banks of the river Lys , a splendid view on the famous guild houses of the Graslei on the other bank. Enjoying classic French cuisine, at the very historical heart of the illustrious city of Ghent . Is it a dream? Allegro Moderato is located in an 18th century former guild house. It is the most striking building on the Korenlei, where the guild of the Unfree Boatmen had its home, centuries ago. The walls of the front room have been meticulously restored in the original style, classical music fits in perfectly to make you dream away to the old times of merchant and craft guilds? People from Ghent and all over the world enjoy this unique combination of historical splendour and exquisite cuisine.

Menu selon l'humeur du chef

Menu trois courses (choix en plat poisson ou viande)

45 euro



Menu de Dégustation



Merlan confit – tomate bio –livèche - cébette


Limande-sole – fideua – coques blanches –salicorne – jus de langoustines


** Baby homard - oseille – cacahuète 


Sébaste – paksoi – brocoli – ‘saveurs Thailandaise’


Boeuf maturé – ‘blonde d’aquitaine – pleurote du panicaut - bordelaise


‘Eton mess’ – fraises – crème vanille - meringue


Sélection de fromages affinés, maître fromager Schollaert (supplément 6 euro)


Menu    quatre services  €  59,00 sans **

cinq services  € 75,00

cinq services, fromage et dessert  € 85,00


Lunch Allegro Moderato


amuse - bouche


Gamba - fideua - wakamé - sake



Loup de mer - moules Zélandaises - petits pois - sucrine -champignons


Onglet - aubergine - chou pointu - pommes noisettes - grains de moutarde


Profiteroles - vanilleijs - chocolade


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